What is QUX®?

Movies. Podcasts. Shows. Music. Streams. Shopping.
All in one place: QUX®

The TV shows you love, protected. The streamers you love, connected.

Watch what you want, Listen to what you love, Buy what you want, without the sacrifice. Protect your kids and your family. Stop giving away your data to big tech.

No bots. Just real people. Connect with people who think like you do.

No algorithms. You watch what you want and no one can “cancel” it or “demonetize” it.

Anyone can make their own channel. For free. Share your own videos or link to ones that you like on the open web.

Anyone can open their own store. For free. Sell your creations, find the hottest new toys, explore what life is like without the sacrifice.

QUX® uses hardware and software to protect your data from the ground up. No other device secures your data from the hardware to the internet.

Say no to Tracking.
Say no to Data-Mining.
Say no to your data getting hacked and sold.
Say no to getting demonetized.
Say no to getting cancelled.
Say yes to QUX®.

Protected. Secured. Completely. How can we say that? Because we don’t collect data, so there’s no data to sell. Just an amazing experience.

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